Lender Required Documents

When we discuss Down Payment Assistance programs, we will need the following documents to Pre-Approve you for a Mortgage with Down Payment Assistance. We suggest that you send our lender all your financial documents and let them evaluate your credit and financial profile BEFORE you start looking for a house.

Our Lender would rather begin the process in this order, because you may have some issues that can successfully be addressed in a couple of weeks or months. If you start looking at homes before you're really Pre-approved, no doubt you'll find a house you or your significant other will “absolutely have to have”. The only problem is this; you may not be able to get it financed until those issues are cleared up.

When you do find the house, you'll be asked to spend money for an Earnest Money Deposit (1% of the asking price of the property), an Appraisal, a Home Inspection ($450), and possibly a survey ($300). If the mortgage loan can't close because you didn't follow the sequential, time-sensitive steps in the process, you could have lost your hard earned money on the Earnest Money, Home Inspection, Appraisal, and a Survey. It really is better to wait until you're really ready by submitting these documents before we start looking for a property.

1) Last 3 years FEDERAL (Not State) tax returns. They MUST be signed.
2) Last 45 days of paystubs
3) Last 60 days bank statements
4) Last quarterly Asset Statements (401K, IRA, Stocks, Bonds etc…)
5) If applicable: Divorce decree with any Child Support payments
6) If Applicable: Bankruptcy documents
7) If you've had a Foreclosure, you will be required to go to the county where the house was and obtain the Warranty Deed that shows when the property was sold out of your name.
8) If Applicable: If you are not a US Citizen, they will need a copy of your Work Visa or Resident Alien Card
9) If Applicable: Any Social Security Documents that prove income for self or dependents.

Please gather these documents because our Lenders will require them, to obtain our pre-approval letter.

If you have any questions, please CONTACT US. We look forward to speaking with you!