Why would a 1st Time Home Buyer want to use a Rent to Buy program to purchase a home?

Last modified June 10, 2023

For most 1st Time Home Buyers to achieve Home Ownership in today's market, you need to consider a good honest Lease with Option to Buy program to purchase a home using an all-Cash Offer from a trustworthy Investor. First Time Home Buyers who need to use a down payment assistance program to achieve Homeownership can still use our Rent to Own program and later they can use one of our First Time Home Buyer programs to finance the house into their name when they're mortgage ready. They can also use the 2-month security deposit to help pay for Closing Costs!

If you're a frustrated 1st Time Homebuyer that can't get an accepted Offer because the Sellers are only accepting Contracts that don't have Financing or Appraisal Contingencies in the real estate contract. We definitely feel your pain. This situation is happening on most sub $300,000 single family homes and townhomes that the typical first-time home buyers want to purchase.

Many times, 1st Time Homebuyers would like to buy a home, but they need to work on their credit for a year or two before its high enough to qualify for a mortgage. This is understandable and this scenario fits perfectly for our Lease to Own program. Using our Lease to Own program, the 1st Time Homebuyer can lock in the purchase price for up to 5 years but can purchase the property anytime within 5 years in a series of 1 year lease commitments.

1st Time Home Buyers don't have the equity from their first home to help buy their next home, so this is a great way to use an Investors cash offer to achieve Home Ownership with very little money down and no risk to the first-time homebuyer. If they decide they don't like the area, the house, or their neighbors they can choose not to renew the lease with the option to buy outside of the 60-day lease expiration date. If the home has no damage, they get their 2-month security deposit back and move somewhere else.

Please keep in mind the other reasons a 1st Time Home Buyer would benefit by using a Lease to Buy program.

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