2023 Compare First Time Home Buyer Grants, Special Home Financing and Down Payment Assistance Programs!

Special Financing and Down Payment Assistance Grants for First Time Home Buyers that allow you to receive either Down Payment Assistance Grants of up to $25,000 or up to 105% Mortgage Loan Financing to purchase a home.

Below are the very best Florida First Time Home Buyer programs available. Some of these programs don't have requirements for First Time Home Buyers. However, some of the programs do require that you haven't owned a Principal Residence for the past 3 years. Typically, all these programs are called First Time Home Buyer Programs.



100% Community Advantage Special Conventional Financing

Updated July 28, 2023 See how its possible to still purchase a home!

First Time Homebuyer 100% Special Financing with No Mortgage Insurance

Updated November 27, 2023 First Time Home Buyers 100% Home Loan Financing with No Mortgage Insurance. This special financing is for 1st Time Home Buyers or can be used if you don't currently own a home!

First Time Home Buyer Special Financing matching Grant Loan by FHLB

Updated July 10, 2023 1st Time Home Buyer matching Grant. Recieve up to $12,500 in a 4:1 Matching Grants! You contribute $3125 and recieve $12,500.

$10,000 Down Payment Assistance for First Time Home buyers!

Updated November 27, 2023 $10,000 Down Payment Assistance for all Florida First Time Home buyers who qualify!

USDA - 100% Home Financing and lower Mortgage Insurance than FHA Loans!

Updated July 10, 2023 Rural areas of USA may qualify for this 100% Special Financing that includes lower Mortgage Insurance rates than FHA Loans.

Down Payment Assistance Unlimited Income Grant for 100% Financing for Home Financing!

Updated July 10, 2023 UNLIMITED INCOME Mortgage Grant Unlimited Edge 100% for Down Payment Assistance in Florida for your Home Financing.

2023-Florida Hometown Heroes Housing Program for State of Florida.

Updated August 4, 2023 Expanded 1st Responder and Hometown Heroes occupations qualify for up to $25,000 in First Time Home Buyer down payment assistance!

1st Time Home Buyer 3%-5% Grant for Down Payment Assistance

Updated November 27, 2023 First Time Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance 3%-5% Grant can be used thoughout Florida for almost everyone who can qualify for a Conventional loan!

Salute Our Soldiers 100% VA Loan Program for Honorably Discharged Veterans

Updated November 27, 2023 100% VA Mortgage Loan for Honorably Discharged Veterans with Certificate of Eligibility and DD-214 Documentation. This program can be combined with the Salute to Soldiers Down Payment Assistance program to pay Closing Costs!

Lease-to-Own and Rent-To-Buy-Home program. This is a great Home Buying program for All Florida Middle Income Home Buyers!

Updated June 10, 2023 If You're frustrated by not getting your Offers accepted, try this program. It puts your offer at the front of the line and You're only committed to 1-Year increments of renting! Buy the Home if you want or don't, You can take up to 5-Years to decide!

First Time Home Buyer 105% Special Financing with No Income Limit

Updated November 27, 2023 Special Financing for First Time Home Buyers that includes your Down Payment and your Closing Costs with No Income Limit!

Manatee $10,000 Key Ownership Down Payment Assistance Grant for First Time Home Buyers

Updated June 10, 2023 Special Financing $12,500 Down Payment Assistance Grant for well qualified Manatee County Residents. Can be, but Not required to be a First Time Home Buyer!

Bank Statement loans for the Self Employed up to $3M!

Updated June 7, 2023 Ideal minimum documentation for Investors and Buyers instead of providing full tax returns, w-2's and-or 1099 tax documentation.

OWN A HOME Down Payment Assistance Grant (Not required to be a 1st Time Home Buyer)

Updated December 4, 2023 Down Payment Assistance Grant Program for the following Florida counties: Charlotte, Collier, DeSoto, Lee, Palm Beach, and Sarasota.

Miami-Dade 1st Time Home Buyers Down Payment Assistance program

Updated June 10, 2023 Miami-Dade HFA First Time Home Buyer and Down Payment Assistance Loan Program

Opportunity Advantage Loan Fund

Updated November 13, 2023 Up to $12,500

Home Sweet Home 1st Time Home Buyer program for Hillsborough, Clay, Brevard and Duval counties with up to $25,000 Down Payment Assistance.

Updated June 10, 2023 Special Financing from the Florida Housing Finance Authority for First Time Home Buyers using Down Payment Assistance that never runs out of money!

1st Time Home Home Buyer, $10,000 Down Payment Assistance program

Updated June 10, 2023 1st Time Home Buyer with Fixed Rate 30 Year-FHA or Conventional $10,000 Down Payment Assistance ONLY for Florida First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyer 3.5% Grant for FHA Down Payment Assistance

Updated June 10, 2023 First Time Home Buyer 3.5% Grant with down payment assistance that covers your FHA required 3.5% down payment!

First Time Home Buyer $10,000 deferred Down Payment Assistance loan

Updated June 10, 2023 1st Time Home Buyers $10,000 Deferred Down Payment Assistance for your 3.5% FHA required down payment!

Home Key Down Payment Assistance programs for Pinellas, Pasco and Polk County Florida

Updated June 10, 2023 Specific 1st Time Home Buyers, Down Payment Assistance program for Pinellas, Pasco, Polk Counties in Florida

Palm Beach County 1st Time Home Buyer Grant and Down Payment Assistance Program

Updated June 10, 2023 Recieve up to a 5% Down Payment Assistance Grant whether or not you're a 1st Time Home Buyer

Investor Real Estate Loans for Rental Property purchase!

Updated June 10, 2023 Guildelines for Real Estate Loans for Rental Property purchases!